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I'm a common sense, conservative Republican running for the South Dakota House of Representatives in District 24. We have a great thing going in South Dakota. As a father, business owner, and part-time cow hand, I know we need a focus on quality education and strong agriculture to keep our state great for generations to come.


I’m a common sense, conservative Republican. I believe in the ability of individuals and families to make decisions for themselves. I believe government’s role should be limited, but where government has a role, it should be efficient and effective. I believe strong communities promote accountability and positive behavior. I believe agriculture is our past and our future. I believe education is our greatest tool for upward mobility. I believe in civility and respect for all people. I believe South Dakota’s best days can still be head of us.


top issues 

  • Quality, Affordable Education

  • Strong, Diversified Agriculture

  • Pro-Business

  • Pro-Life

  • Balanced Budget, Low Taxes

  • Local Control

  • Protect Constitutional Rights

  • Address Mental Health and Addiction

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